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Resources for developers using ClojureScript to build React Native apps.




Re-Natal is the most popular and most actively developed. The consensus on #cljsrn slack channel is that it's probably the way to go. It supports React Native 0.44, Reagent and Om Next, iOS and Android, fast CLJS compilation+injection during development, and has a nice way to require native packages and static images.


boot-react-native uses similar JavaScript techniques for hooking into the React Native packager and providing a REPL, except packaged for boot. It's on an older version of React Native, and less actively developed, but does have some cool features such as combining the React Native packager's console output with ClojureScript compiler's. It's also a bit more lightweight than Re-Natal.


Natal supports iOS and is based on a different approach (Ambly) that directly interacts with the device using the native ClojureScript compilation model (without the React Native packager once running): It discovers an instrumented app using Bonjour and sends the output of the compiler directly to the device using WebDAV. It is not actively developed.


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