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Re-Natal is the original and most-referenced stack for building with ClojureScript and React Native, but it is no longer actively developed and is behind React Native by several minor versions.


Krell is a stand-alone approach which relies on the standard ClojureScript compiler and tooling to make developing React Native apps simpler and easier. Krell uses minimal deps.edn and build.edn config to establish a clean REPL-based workflow, embracing established ClojureScript development idioms.


react-native-figwheel-bridge is a simple approach to setup React Native with ClojureScript + Figwheel + REPL on top of a standard React Native project. Follow the readme, the approach seems to work great as described.


Expo is tooling around React Native that lets you build mobile apps using only JavaScript. There is a leiningen template which provides a ready-to-use setup for ClojureScript apps. The template provides REPL and Figwheel capabilities using only Clojure scripts directly in user space (as opposed to re-natal external tools). This, however, also makes it more difficult to update since the code has to be patched on the user repo. The Expo template is the more recent of all approaches but it supports building apps without any Android or iOS SDK, which is great to get started.

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